Changes to SRI 2: information for users

18th March 2013

You may notice some changes to SRI 2 from the beginning of April 2013.

SRI2_logo_smlIn response to user feedback we have been working to simplify and improve some areas of the tool and website. There will be small changes to logging in and out; registering an account; and creating an SRI 2. There will also be revisions to the carers’ questions and the action plan.

The changes are being introduced in a way that will minimize the impact on current SRI 2 users. While you may notice the changes they should not affect how you use SRI 2 very much and you can continue with any SRI 2 work you are currently involved in. All your current SRI 2 data and any completed SRI 2’s will continue to be available through your existing user account.

To find out more about the changes please follow this link: SRI 2

We hope these changes improve your experience of using SRI 2. If you would like more information or to discuss these changes please get in touch with us at SRN on