Blown away by the response to our surveys!

24th September 2020

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in our national Remote Peer Support surveys!

We have been blown away by how many people participated. We really appreciate the time and energy people have given to share their learning and experiences.

275 individuals took part:

  • Participants survey: 101 complete responses
  • Providers survey: 174 complete responses

In total the responses included 110 different peer support groups and services from across Scotland!

We asked people who completed the participants survey to share 3 words that described their experience of remote peer support. As you can see, remote peer support has been a great help during this challenging period.

The surveys are now closed and we are engaged in phase 2 of our research. This involves speaking in more depth with people, covering a range of experiences, who participated.

One thing for sure is that peer support has adapted to the restrictions brought about by Covid-19 and there is a wide range of activity happening. We really look forward to sharing our learning in the coming months.

Prize draw winners

We offered a draw for two £50 Amazon vouchers to everyone who participated in our surveys and are pleased to share that the winners, drawn at random* were Gill Graham and Wendy Callander.

There was also a draw for one £50 Amazon voucher for people who took part in our more in-depth interviews. Diane Barnes was the winner. Congratulations to all three.

*Ruthless Research carried out both our surveys and draw.