ALLIANCE Live webinar and podcast

27th October 2020

Interested in bringing people, communities and services together to develop local recovery approaches and resources?

The recording of our Making Recovery Real ALLIANCE Live webinar (30 mins) is now available.

This discussion explores the Making Recovery Real approach and how it offers a different way of working together. It does not replace the traditional NHS treatment route but invites formal services to walk alongside local people, organisations and initiatives to design and deliver sustainable mental health support.

Scottish Recovery Network’s Acting Director, Louise Christie chairs a live and Q&A which explores:

  • What is Making Recovery Real? The approach, key activities, the development and launch of reviews and resources.
  • What is happening now (including response to Covid-19)
  • Impact and key learning from the initiative so far – What’s working? What are the challenges?
  • The future of mental health support. What needs to change? How can we build back better?

Louise is joined by a panel, including:


Want to change the way things are done in your area?

For more information about Making Recovery Real contact us on: 0141 240 7790 or