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Scottish Recovery Network promotes and supports mental health recovery. We were established in 2004. Our vision is:

Together we can make Scotland a place where people expect mental health recovery and are supported at all stages of their recovery journey.

Our mission is to bring people, services and organisations across sectors together to create a mental health system powered by lived experience which supports everyone’s recovery journey.

Collaboration and lived experience are central to our work. We have extensive experience of working with partners to support mental health, wellbeing and recovery. This involves using co-design and co-production approaches.

We at ICU Steps Edinburgh (support group for people spending time in Intensive Care) can’t recommend Scottish Recovery Network highly enough! A wealth of experience, accommodating, engaging and incredibly supportive.


Our values guide and inform our work:

  • Compassion – listen to, validate and support those we are working with to have a voice and to develop their capacity to engage in recovery focused change
  • Curiosity – value and explore different ideas and strive to learn from others to build coalitions that bring about positive change in our communities, services and the wider system
  • Collaboration – bring people together to explore and develop new ways of working that value different experiences, expertise and voices, and rebalance power
  • Courage – believe in the possibility of change at a personal level and in our organisations, services and society. Embrace a willingness to be open to all voices including those we do not always understand

Meet the team

The Scottish Recovery Network team is a small but effective team. We are all committed to supporting people, organisations and services to make mental health recovery real.

Louise Christie, Director

I am responsible for developing the strategic and national relationships needed to ensure the learning from our work is shared effectively and influences policy and practice. Before joining the Scottish Recovery Network team, I managed a social enterprise. In addition to policy, development, and consulting roles in regeneration, social enterprise, and community development, I have also worked in grant-making. I am passionate about the power of lived experience and the capacity of people to work together to bring about positive change. Email Louise

Jane Hutton, Administrator

As a full-time Administrator, I support the implementation of Scottish Recovery Network programmes and organisation-wide administration and events. Before joining the organisation, I worked as a secretary / administrator in the public transport industry. Email Jane

Christine Muir, Senior Communications Officer

I manage communications at the Scottish Recovery Network. My role involves collaborating with people to make sure the voice of lived experience is at the heart of developing mental health support. Strategic planning, running campaigns and working with people to share their stories are all part of my role. Outside of work, I am on the board of Mind Waves: a peer-led; Scottish charity that shares positive stories about mental health and wellbeing. Every month I help facilitate a Glasgow support group for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Email Christine

Network team

Our Network team works across Scotland. Members of the team have an area-specific focus as well as supporting nationwide projects. Their role is to seek out and highlight innovation and develop opportunities for collaborative and co-produced projects.

Mark Soanes, Network Manager

I manage a team of five Network Officers. In 2015 I switched from working in the private to the voluntary sector, where my values are more closely aligned. My career has seen me delivering and managing programmes in Welfare to Work, Community Engagement and Health & Wellbeing for a number of different organisations. I am passionate about partnership work between individuals, communities and organisations to deliver positive change. The ongoing drive to improve the use of, and value of lived experience and peer support in improving mental health recovery is something, that I am committed to helping to achieve. Email Mark

Hannah Kane, Network Officer (West)

I have held different roles in the voluntary sector. I’m passionate about creating mentally healthy communities where recovery is real for everyone. I also have a keen interest in tackling mental health stigma and discrimination. Email Hannah

Holly Hendry, Network Officer (North)

I am passionate about the role that communities play in creating change on both an individual and a wider, collective level. I have worked in a variety of community development roles in the public and voluntary sectors. Email Holly

John Beaton, Network Officer (North)

I have a background in community development, civic participation, and public policy. I am passionate about the power of lived experience in creating positive change at all levels of society. Previously, I have worked in roles as peer supporter and researcher. Email John

Lesley Smith, Network Officer (East)

I bring to the role my belief in recovery, passion for change and collaboration work. My previous roles included involvement, collective advocacy, governance and training. I am excited to be able to work in a way that is informed by my personal experiences of recovery and using services as well as my professional expertise. Email Lesley

Funding and governance

Scottish Government funds our work.

Penumbra hosts Scottish Recovery Network. Penumbra is a charity (SC 010387) and a company limited by guarantee (SC 091542) registered in Scotland. As an organisation we comply with Penumbra’s policies and procedures and financial management systems and staff are subject to their terms and conditions.