A road well-travelled: recovery poem read at Renfrewshire event

6th November 2018

Suzanne Baines, of You Matter Always, read her poem ‘A road well-travelled’ to over 100 people at the November Recovery in Renfrewshire event.

A road well-travelled

So, what does recovery mean to me?

It’s about who I was, am and strive to be.

It’s about facing challenges along the way

And overcoming obstacles day after day.

It’s about valuing how far I have come

And feeling proud of all I’ve said and done.

It’s about embracing my strengths and abilities

And focusing on solutions and possibilities.

It’s about believing in my own potential

Because self-belief is so essential.


For me, recovery is about who I became

And, not just the moments that I can’t reclaim.

It’s about kindness, acceptance, love and hope

And the tools that can help when I cannot cope.

It’s about knowing that I am not alone

As help is available at the end of the phone.

It’s about salving the wounds that often re-open

In my heart, mind and soul which is bruised and broken.

It’s about working towards what I want to be

Because I am so much more than what happened to me.


There are various routes, paths or roads to recovery

Each containing personal growth and self-discovery.

Piecing ourselves back together requires patience and time

And being honest with our emotions instead of, “HI, I’M FINE!”

It’s okay to have setbacks and seek additional support

But remember, please don’t sell yourself short.

You have acquired an abundance of tools along the way

That can empower and assist you day by day.

As you own your story and become your own best friend

Remember, recovery is just the beginning…not the end.


Suzanne Baines