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Scotland has made progress when it comes to mental health recovery, but there is still some ways to go.

Mental health recovery has become part of our dialogue and informs some policy and practice. Recovery is referenced in strategies and people feel more comfortable talking about it. Unfortunately this has not resulted in a mental health system designed and delivered to support people on their recovery journey. It’s time for transformation!

A Chance for Change

The refresh of the Scottish Government’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy is underway. It provides the opportunity to add to what you have already told us you want from a recovery focused mental health system.

Informing the refresh

We ran a series of ‘Help Shape the Future of Mental Health’ conversation cafés in March 2022. The cafés gathered the views of those with lived experience of mental health challenges and front-line practitioners. The ‘A Chance for Change’ report shares your views and identifies a number of outcomes you want to see from the refresh:

  • People expect recovery and are supported at all stages of their recovery journey
  • All parts of the mental health system are equally valued
  • People can access the type of support that works for them and their life when and where they need it
  • Scotland is a mentally health society where needs related to mental health and wellbeing are acknowledged and supported
  • Lived experience is genuinely valued, integrated into all parts of our system and co-production is a way of working
  • Peer support and peer worker roles are a mainstream part of the mental health system

A Chance for Change

What you told us you want to see from a Scottish Government Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy refresh.

Download the report

The report has also been informed by the results of a comprehensive engagement exercise on the future of recovery in Scotland. This was undertaken in Autumn 2020. Our work is collaborative in nature. We connect with people with lived experience and those developing, managing and delivering mental health services and support. The discussions we have and the feedback and ideas people share with us have also informed this report.

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Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan ‘A new future for mental health’ outlines how we will work with others to create a mental health system powered by lived experience. It sets our our vision, mission, values and strategic aims. Over the next three years we will work with others to:

  • Improve the engagement of people with lived experience in the development of mental health strategy and implementation
  • Develop peer support opportunities and peer working roles across the mental health system
  • Support the transformation of mental health services and supports through the adoption of recovery concepts and approaches

We will continue to bring people, services and organisations together to create a mental health system that embraces peer support and is powered by lived experience. One that nurtures the NHS, third sector and all the good practice happening on the ground in communities.

Strategic plan (2021-2024)

How can we bring about the changes needed to transform Scotland’s mental health system? (BSL version available).

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