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Scotland has made progress when it comes to mental health recovery, but there is still some ways to go.

We invited people, organisations and services to take part in a national conversation about the future of recovery in Scotland. You said you want a mental health system that:

  • Takes a whole person approach
  • Genuinely values lived experience by integrating it into all parts of the system
  • Embeds peer support approaches and roles in mental health support
  • Is easy to access and navigate
  • Offers more community-based supports and choices
  • Tackles inequalities and contributes to a fair society

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan ‘A new future for mental health’ outlines how we will work with others to create a mental health system powered by lived experience. It sets our our vision, mission, values and strategic aims. Over the next three years we will work with others to:

  1. Improve the engagement of people with lived experience in the development of mental health strategy and implementation
  2. Develop peer support opportunities and peer working roles across the mental health system
  3. Support the transformation of mental health services and supports through the adoption of recovery concepts and approaches

Strategic plan (2021-2024)

How can we bring about the changes needed to transform Scotland’s mental health system? (BSL version available).

Access Strategic Plan

We will continue to bring people, services and organisations together to create a mental health system that embraces peer support and is powered by lived experience. One that nurtures the NHS, third sector and all the good practice happening on the ground in communities.

A chance to build back better

At our online conversation cafés, held in summer 2020, many people talked about what a recovery mind-set can offer as we navigate Covid-19 and plan for a better future. You discussed a wide range of ideas. We have pulled these together in the Build back better report and animation (BSL versions available on our YouTube channel).

The themes addressed in the national conversation and What’s next for recovery? report build on this work.

Making Recovery Real: Dundee and Moray

Making Recovery Real is a Scottish Recovery Network collaborative initiative. It was first piloted with a range of partners in Dundee and Moray. The approach creates conditions where people with lived experience and services can work and learn together. It allows people to prioritise what should happen in their community to support good mental health, wellbeing and recovery.

Making Recovery Real in Dundee and Moray have significantly changed the dialogue about recovery, mental health and wellbeing in both areas. Watch the films below to hear from the people involved.

Making Recovery Real

What does mental health recovery really mean for local people? Resources to help you find out!

Explore the resources