A dynamic and peer-led approach to Write to Recovery

8th January 2019

Emma Monaghan, one of SRN’s Write to Recovery Group Work Facilitators, tells us about one of her highlights from 2018.

The second year of the Write to Recovery group work project saw further development of one of our most dynamic partnerships. We delivered the initial Write to Recovery group at the University of Strathclyde in late 2017 with the support and enthusiasm of the university’s student support department.

Supporting and seeing how far the university’s Write to Recovery community has come since then has been inspiring and affirming. This has included the development of a self-sustained student-led peer group, and student facilitators becoming involved in the delivery of the group work to new groups of students.

Audrey Gilles, co-facilitator at Strathclyde University commented:

With my friend Doro, I facilitate a peer-led Write to Recovery group at the University of Strathclyde. Helping people tell their story and having a safe space to do so is rewarding and helps me in the process, as we learn recovery techniques from each other. Recovery for me has been about regaining my voice, and Write to Recovery has helped me on the way to doing so. You’d better believe I am ready to be bold again!


The partnership has become a model for how organisations can effectively integrate the group work programme into their existing services, in a way that nurtures the peer-led ethos of the project. It has been an absolute joy to see both staff and students respond so proactively to the psychological and emotion strain of university life.


For more information about Write to Recovery contact Emma.Monaghan@scottishrecovery.net or call 0141 240 7790. Share your story and read others on www.writetorecovery.net – You can also follow the project on Twitter @Writeto_Recover

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