Stories and experiences

Why share recovery stories?

The development and/or sharing of personal stories and experiences has been closely linked to recovery. Sharing our stories allows us to visualise our experiences over time and to reflect on the long-term journey of recovery with its ups and downs. Stories can inform and inspire people with experience of mental health issues, their carers and supporters and service providers.

Learning about other people’s experiences can also help to challenge misconceptions and change negative attitudes. Stories offer hints and techniques on recovery and recognise the fact that people in recovery are experts by experience, showing very clearly that people can and do recover.

A Guide to Sharing Recovery Stories 

Information and materials that you can use to support people to develop and share their stories of recovery. Includes the values underpinning story sharing, how to create a safe group environment and suggestions for gaining consent to share stories.

Dundee Recovery Stories film

This film captures the personal accounts and stories of 18 Dundonians who have lived experiences of mental health difficulties and recovery. The film can be used to raise awareness, encourage conversations and influence attitudes, policy and practice. Check out the Making Recovery Real in Dundee YouTube Playlist to view a selection of other films from this project.

What Recovery Means to Me

What Recovery Means to Me is a series of over 50 short commissioned personal perspectives on recovery that SRN began compiling in 2013.

Recovery conversations

You might also be interested in our free Let’s talk about recovery resources to support recovery conversations.

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