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Wellness Recovery Action Planning

wrapsml logoWellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) is a 'self-management' tool used in many countries around the world to help individuals take more control over their own wellbeing and recovery. It emphasises that people are the experts in their own experience and is based on the premise that there are no limits to recovery.

WRAP was developed in the United States by a group of people with mental health problems and has been successfully shared, both in the United States and internationally, by Mary Ellen Copeland and the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery.

SRN Statement of Principle

SRN have trained and provide support to over 50 WRAP Facilitators across Scotland. Our experience of this process, informed by a recent consultation exercise with Scottish stakeholders, is encapsulated in the following statement of principle:


In addition to training and supporting Facilitators, SRN have commissioned research to find out more about WRAP, self management and recovery.

What makes up a WRAP?

WRAP offers a structured means by which people can maintain wellness and recovery while working to anticipate and reflect on crisis.

WRAP is underpinned by a number of core principles:

  • That recovery is possible (‘hope’).
  • That individuals should take personal responsibility for their own lives and well being (‘personal responsibility’).
  • That it is important to know yourself, to be self aware (‘education’).
  • That it is important to believe in and advocate for oneself (‘self advocacy’); and that the support of others is vital (‘support’).

Individuals work within these principles to create their own WRAP. Each plan should include the following components:

  • Wellness toolbox
  • Daily maintenance plan
  • Identification of triggers and associated action plan
  • Identification of early warning signs and associated action plan
  • Identification of signs that things are breaking down and associated action plan
  • Crisis planning
  • Post crisis planning

About WRAP training 


My WRAP is something that is a special reminder when life feels as if it is getting on top of me. I look into my toolbox and take out what keeps me well. Knowing that it's there and that it works for me is of great reassurance.

- Lorraine