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SRN National Gathering 2011

In February 2011 SRN hosted our sixth national conference, the National Gathering. Over 300 delegates from around Scotland and beyond gathered at the Crowne Plaza Glasgow, and many more participated ‘virtually’ via the live, interactive webcast. Our aim was to provide an opportunity for Network members to come together to share information and consider next steps for the promotion and support of recovery in Scotland. Delegates represented all groups with an interest in recovery and mental health, including those with lived experience, family and friends, and professionals.

The film clips below include live displays of speakers' slideshows. For separate copies of speaker presentations and biographies please click here.

The conference was chaired by Gregor Henderson, former Director of the National Programme for Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing. You can see Gregor's welcome and introduction below.

SRN Director, Simon Bradstreet, opened the day by looking back at where SRN had come from and future plans in the light of the 2010 independent evaluation. You can view Simon's presentation without slides here.

Simon's presentation accompanied by slides can be viewed here.

Dr Richard Warner, Professor of Psychiatry & Anthropology at the University of Colorado, and Director of Colorado Recovery delivered a fascinating talk on recovery, employment and empowerment. Professor Warner's presentation without slides is below.

Professor Warner's presentation with slides can be viewed here.

Rona McBrierty, who works as a recovery educator in the UK and internationally, shared her thoughts and insights based on her personal story of mental health and journey of recovery. You can see Rona's presentation without slides here.

Rona's presentation accompanied by slides can be seen here.

Throughout the day, Poet in Residence, Jo McFarlane, entertained delegates with performances of her work inspired by her own lived experience. Jo's performances can be seen below.

Many thanks to PSAV for all their help with the live webcast and videos.

Below is a picture gallery of the National Gathering 2011, taken by Becky Duncan. Click on any thumbnail to start.

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