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Our Mission, Vision and Values


Mission Statement

SRN’s mission statement describes who are and how we work.

SRN is a non-profit organisation working in Scotland and beyond. Our aim is to promote and support recovery from mental health problems. We act as a catalyst for change by sharing ideas and practice, improving outcomes at all levels.


SRN’s vision guides us in our work and clarifies our ultimate goal. We believe that the work we do will contribute towards achieving our vision.

A Scotland where mental health recovery is a reality for all.

Our Values

Our values underpin and guide our work and relationships.

They are largely derived from, and influenced by, the principles of recovery. In other words we have a commitment to apply the values we describe in relation to the personal recovery experience in the way that we try and achieve our vision and objectives. 

  • It is as important to focus on what people can do and on their unique attributes and characteristics as it is to focus on the things they cannot.
  • We take a strengths based approach to our work and emphasise the role of hope and optimism.
  • We recognise recovery is a unique and individual experience and that people’s experiences are influenced by their circumstances, background and life events. Our opportunities and circumstances also influence outcomes.
  • We promote inclusion, equality and involvement.
  • We recognise people are experts in their own experience and that empowerment is central to wellness and recovery.

Download the SRN brochure.

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